Minister of Highways Announces Improvements to Nass River Bridge and 2 other Bridges



Minister of Highways Announces Improvements to Nass River Bridge and 2 other Bridges 

Today, the Honourable Todd Stone, Minister of Highways and Transportation, addressed President Stevens and the Executive of Nisga'a Lisims Government in making several announcements respecting highway and bridge improvements in the Nass Valley. 

Minister Stone announcements included the following:

  • Tseax 80 construction will begin in the spring 2017 (commonly called Ross Lake Bridge closest to Lava Lake). 
  • As soon as tender for the construction is awarded, the Ministry will do design work on Tseax 2 for eventual replacement (close to Vetter Lodge). 
  • Finally, Minister Stone was pleased to announce on behalf of Canada and BC, the Ministry will be moving forward on the replacement of the Nass River bridge, an approximately $24 million dollar project (with $6 from Canada, and the balance from BC). 

On behalf of the Executive, President Stevens thanked the Minister for improving the quality of life of the Nisga’a people in stating, “The closest hospital to the Nass Valley is 2 hours away, so the improvements to these bridges, including the Meziadin Nass Bridge, is significant.  Progress is not a straight line.  Our leaders of the past have said that if you’re going to give access, we don’t want a spaghetti noodle patchwork – we want an energy corridor, and that’s what we’ve done.”

President Stevens also thanked Minister Stone for the upgrade in the designation of the Nisga’a Highway from a Class C to a Class B highway.  “You’re halfway there,” commented President Stevens.

President Stevens emphasized the importance of improved highways in the Nass Valley a key step to unlocking the economic potential of the northwest, and that the Nisga’a Nation has a number of benefits agreements that will benefit the entire Northern Region when they come on line.

President Stevens also emphasized the importance of the Cranberry Connector: “All the trucking companies don’t want to use that road.  If you did, you’d need to go to the chiropractor.”

In response, Minister Stone assured the executive that, “Our minds are open, we do understand the significance of this road with emergency situations.”

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