Nass Area Working Group

NLG’s Nass Area Strategy Working Group (NASWG) reviews and prepares responses for various environmental referrals and processes, including projects undergoing environmental assessments and permitting. NASWG has reviewed many dozens of referrals from British Columbia and Canada regarding mineral exploration projects, land tenures, forest tenures, environmental permits, (including proposals from Avanti Mining, Seabridge Gold, Pretivm Resources, Wind River, Stewart Bulk Terminals, and Regional Power, to name a few).  NLG’s participation in various federal and provincial environmental assessment processes is also managed by NASWG. Where necessary, NLG hires technical experts to provide advice. NLG does not rely on technical experts of proponents.

The costs of participating in environmental assessments (i.e. hiring technical experts and negotiating benefit agreements) are normally paid for by project proponents through capacity funding agreements. Canada and British Columbia also undertake environmental assessments of projects that may impact Nisga’a Lands or interests and consult NLG in this process. NLG actively participates in these assessments.

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