Bishop Lehmann of the Caledonia Diocese Addresses the WSN

During the first day of the Wilp Si'ayuukhl Nisga'a proceedings on October 28, 2019, an address was made to the WSN members and visitors in the gallery. Introduced by the Chairperson of the Council of Elders, Sim’oogit Ni’isy̓uus, the newly appointed Rt. Rev. David Lehmann, Bishop of the Caledonia Diocese of the Anglican Church, addressed the chamber for the first time in his new role.
Bishop Lehmann's remarks were centered on a reading of the “Apology for Spiritual Harm” that was presented by Archbishop of Canada Fred Hiltz at the gathering of the General Synod in Vancouver on July 11, 2019. Bishop Lehmann reiterated the Caledonian Diocese’s remorse and ongoing dedication to reconciliation with all Indigenous people.
President Eva Clayton responded with gratitude for the apology, saying “it takes courage to recognize mistakes.” She emphasized that “one of our responsibilities as a government is to assist with the healing journey of our people,” and that the apology from the Synod is a necessary step in acknowledging past wrong doing.
Members of the WSN had the opportunity to respond to the Bishop’s remarks, and small Nisga’a themed gifts were presented to Bishop Lehmann by Corinne McKay, Secretary-Treasurer.

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