Shift Into Winter

Shift Into Winter

This cooler weather has reminded us that winter is on its way! Unfortunately with the changing weather comes winter driving conditions. However, if drivers prepare themselves and vehicles properly for winter driving, and change their driving behaviour, they can better avoid having a serious incident.

In order to help people prepare for winter driving the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has teamed up with other agencies, including, the RCMP, ICBC, BC Road Builders, Work Safe, and many more, to form the Safe Winter Driving Alliance. The main focus of the alliance is to give people the information required to make safe choices while driving in winter conditions.

One of our main tools we have developed is the website, which includes information and materials to help inform drivers of the different choices they can make to stay safe.

In order to help spread the word about safe winter driving and the Shift into Winter campaign please feel free to pass this website on to your family, friends, staff, residents, or whomever you please. On the website there is a link to posters of safe winter driving tips that can be printed out and placed throughout your community or workplace.

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