Snowfall Warning Inland Coast

North Coast - inland sections
10:30 AM PST Sunday 23 November 2008
Snowfall warning for
North Coast - inland sections continued

Up to 25 cm of snow is expected near Stewart through this evening.

is a warning that significant snowfall is expected or occurring in
these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated

An intense low pressure system will
approach the north coast today. Ahead of the low very strong
southeasterly winds up to 100 km/h have developed over North Vancouver
Island central coast and the Queen Charlottes then spread to the north
coast by this afternoon. Winds will veer to south or southwest and ease
later this afternoon over the Charlottes and this evening over North
Vancouver Island and the north and central coasts as the low moves

The same system is expected to combine with below
freezing temperatures and cause precipitation to fall as snow near
Stewart around midday. Up to 25 cm of snow can be expected near Stewart
through this evening. Temperatures will rise above freezing in the
evening causing the snow to change to rain.

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