Council of Elders

The Nisga’a have always governed ourselves according to Ayuukhl Nisga’a, the traditional laws and practices of the Nisga’a Nation. The Council of Elders provides guidance and interpretation of the Ayuuk to Nisga’a government. Composed of chiefs, matriarchs, and respected Nisga’a elders, the Council of Elders is appointed by NLG in accordance with Nisga’a law and the Nisga’a Final Agreement. The Chairperson of the Council of Elders is elected by all Nisga’a citizens.

Current Members


Sim’oogit K’eex̱kw - Herb Morven, Chairperson - Council of Elders



                 Regular Members Term: December 2018 - 2020        

Dr. Joseph Gosnell Sr., Sim'oogit Hleek                          (Laxsgiik / Gitlaxt'aamiks)

Perry Azak, Sim'oogit Daxaan                                        (Gisk'aast / Gitwinksihlkw)

Andrew Mercer, Sim'oogit Wisin Xbiltkw                          (Gisk'aast / Laxgalts'ap)

Alvin E. Nelson, Sim'oogit Sim'oogidim Xsgaak                (Laxsgiik / Gingolx)

                 Alternate Members

Herbert Morven, Sim'oogit K'eexkw                               (Laxgibuu / Gitlaxt'aamiks)

Jeffery Clifford Azak, Axgwindaskw                                (Laxgibuu / Gitwinksihlkw)

Nancy Moore, Sigidim-nak' K'all-Xs'ootkw                       (Ganada / Laxgalts'ap)

Jennifer Haldane, Sigidim-nak' Luu Sgadalks                   (Laxgibuu / Laxgts'ap)

                 Regular Members Term: December 2019 - 2021                                                     

Clyde Garret Davis Sr., Sim'oogit W̓ii Gilax̱namḵ’ap  (Laxsgiik/ Gitlax̱t'aamiks)

Jacob Nyce, Sim’oogit Bax̱k'ap                                       (Lax̱gibuu/ Gitwinksihlkw)

Hubert Haldane, Sim’oogit Laay̓                                     (Lax̱sgiik/ Lax̱g̱alts'ap) 

Harry Moore Sr., Sim’oogit Luudisdoos                            (Ganada/ Gingolx)


                 Alternate Members: 

Lorene Plante, Sigidim-naḵ’ Lootkw                           (Lax̱gibuu/ Gitlaxt'aamiks)

Oliver McNeil, Sim'oogit Ni'iswalks                             (Ganada/ Gitwinksihlkw)

Arnold Harry Martin, Sim’oogit Gennuu-gaak              (Lax̱gibuu/ Lax̱g̱alts'ap)    

Lavinia Clayton, Sigidim-nak' Sim'oogidim Sigidim-nak' (Laxsgiik/ Gingolx)







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