NLG Lands & Resource | 2020-2025 Forest Development Plan for Timber Harvesting Licensees

Nisga’a Public Lands Forest Development Plan 2020-2025 Public Review and Comment

The Director of Lands and Resources would like to invite Nisga’a Citizens and residents within Nisga’a Lands to review and comment on the Nisga’a Public Lands Forest Development Plan for July 2020 to June 2025.  The review and comment period ends June 22, 2020. 

This Forest Development Plan (FDP) has been prepared under section 19(1) of the Nisga’a Forest Act

The FDP provides Nisga'a citizens, the general public, government resource agencies, and private interests with information on the location and scheduling of timber harvesting, road construction, road maintenance, road deactivation and other related activities on Nisga'a  Public  Lands.

The FDP outlines forest practices to conserve and manage forest resources and features such as timber, biodiversity, soil, water, fisheries and riparian areas, wildlife, cultural and heritage uses, recreation and tourism, and botanical forest products.

The FDP contains a text document and a series of 1:20,000 and 1:50,000 scale maps.  The complete FDP can be viewed in person at the NLG administration building, by appointment.  Due to restrictions associated with COVID 19, no public open houses will be conducted.

Comments can be made via email or phone:

Mansell Griffin, Director of Lands and Resource                Email:      

Rodney Moore, Forest Resources Officer                            Email:     

Please review PDF and get back to us:   2020-2025 Forest Development Plan for Timber Harvesting Licensees

PDF: South Map

PDF: North Map

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